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For over 32 years Pacific Video Images has been honored to be the wedding videographer for more than 1,000 couples. We take pride in maintaining a discrete wedding-day presence and providing contemporary editing with the rich look of film.

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Brad Coker

Founder & CEO

After college in 1977 Brad founded an organization named COFAM that manufactured fiberglass tooling used to press stainless steel parts.These parts were used on the National Aeronautic Space Administration (NASA) Space Shuttle program to protect the landing gear on reentry into the earth’s atmosphere.

In 1979 Brad became President of Pacific Miniatures, Inc. This organization was the largest display model company in the word, manufacturing models for all the airline industry, including Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Airbus, Lockheed, Rockwell and NASA.

During his Pacific Miniatures career, Brad invested in a good friend’s entrepreneur venture which eventually became Oakley Sunglasses. After the sale of Pacific Miniatures, Brad became Vice President of Manufacturing & Assembly at Oakley Incorporated where he utilized his expertise in plastic injection to further that organization’s success.

In 1986 Brad moved his business expertise to the photography industry where he saw the future to be in the technology of video. He formed the company Pacific Video Image which has established itself to be one of the premier videography organizations in the industry.

Throughout Brad’s career his goal has always been to provide superior service and extend his knowledge to assist his clients in making their business a success. He looks forward to working with you in meeting your production needs as well.

Kevin Smit

Videographer & Video Editor

Kevin fell in love with videography at a young age when his dad would film every almost everything that his family would do together. That led into video editing and he has not put the camera down since. He constantly challenges himself with new creative ideas and styles when it comes to videography & photography. Kevin is also a graphic designer and graduated from the Art Institute of California.

Helping people capture life's most precious moments inspires his work. He enjoys playing roller hockey and bakes desserts that will change your life.

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